Best of luck world

Choosing one emotion is not always an easy task. Sometimes, life can be quite complex and multiple, sometimes even competing feelings are in play. 

Right now, my choice from all the emotions available, is drained. 

I’m tired of trying to be that person for everyone. I’m tired of asking for simple things only to be told I’m wrong for asking for it or find it’s just too much trouble for them. Maybe it’d be nice for someone to recognize the tremendous effort I put in on a daily basis. Maybe others could take responsibility for what they are doing or not doing.

It feels as though nearly my entire life has been a series of compensations for other people and this makes me so angry because I realize that has only made things worse and it’s my fault. I know no other way but to be responsible so not stepping up is something I just couldn’t do.

Maybe it’s time though. Maybe I need to step aside and see what happens when I’m not around. Maybe I’ll be appreciated then – or maybe not. I suppose it has nothing to do with me after all. 

Best of luck world.

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